Virtual controller

Virtual controller

reWASD permits emulating an Xbox 360, DualShock 4, Xbox One, Switch Pro, DualShock 3 controllers. You can set the desired controller in Output device settings.

Virtual controller emulation is a part of the Basic license, and is available during the 7-day trial period. To initiate the trial for the Basic license, please ensure that you are using the latest version of reWASD.

Virtual controller

If you simply want your physical controller to work as if it was Xbox 360 / Xbox One / DualShock 4 / Switch Pro / DualShock 3 controller without any additional adjustments, just press the Magic Wand below the image of the controller, and pick the desired controller type.

To add a Virtual controller, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Press the controller or mouse button you want to add a mapping to, or Add a new mapping to the list in Keyboard sub-config. If your device is plugged in, you can press the physical button, and reWASD will pick the chosen button right away if you have set Hook controller buttons in Preferences
  2. Open reWASD mapping drop-down list, and pick the needed mapping. All the Virtual controller mappings are at the bottom of the list, so do not hesitate to scroll to the bottom
  3. Add other bindings, press Apply if you want to save the changes and make the config active, or just press Save

You can change the virtual controller type and adjust its sticks on Output device settings panel.

Starting with reWASD 5.4, we have implemented the emulation of DualShock 4 swipes. With Combo Editor you can choose one-finger and two-finger swipes; zoom in and out; right, left, center and multiple touchpad taps; and configure the duration of these actions.

There are some important nuances you need to know:

You can check whether the controller shows up in the system, if you open joy.cpl. It's a native Windows tool that shows all the currently connected controllers. To do so, open the Windows Search field (or press Windows key), type in joy.cpl, press Enter.

  • Xbox 360 shows up as Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)
  • DualShock 4 shows up as Wireless Controller
  • Xbox One shows up as Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device (compatible with Windows 10 only)
  • Switch Pro shows up as Wireless Gamepad

    • The main difference between Xbox One and Xbox 360: if you have Xbox One controller chosen as the Virtual gamepad, you can tune Vibration settings for the trigger motors and re-route them; and you can use Xbox One controller as an External device via Bluetooth Adapter.

    • Sometimes you can accidentally create multiple virtual controllers, to fix this, try to press Ctrl+Alt+Del combo to turn remap off completely. Then open Preferences in reWASD, click Clear Data to wipe all the config assignments, and Apply the right config to the right device.

    • If you add a Virtual controller mapping, reWASD needs to hide the physical gamepad from the system, and create an emulated one instead. If you don’t hide the physical gamepad, the mappings may interfere and cause unpredictable consequences.

    • If you decide to keep the physical controller and remap only some buttons to Virtual controller, reWASD will need to emulate the controller anyway. The buttons you’ve muted and added Virtual controller mappings to will reproduce from the emulated controller, while all the controls that you didn’t change will work as the physical controller. This may be a problem for games that focus on a single input device (Mortal Kombat series) or assign the input device to a certain player (FIFA series), so it’s better to Hide physical gamepad and use Virtual controller only.

    • You can use any controller with Remote Play if you choose to emulate DualShock 4.