Virtual controller settings

To adjust the type of virtual controller and set how its stick will work, click an icon with a gamepad logo in the top center of the main window. Then:

  1. Set the Virtual controller type: Xbox 360 or DualShock 4. Note that you can use only one virtual controller per all configs you applied to 4 slots of your tagret device or a device group
  2. Choose a Left or Right stick you want to adjust
  3. Uncheck Use same settings for X and Y axes if you want to adjust them separately. Note that Max deflection can't be different for X and Y.
  4. Move sliders to set Deflections: the range in which the stick will be emulated. You can tune both Initial and Max deflections. It is better to increase Initial Deflection if the game doesn't detect the emulated movement at once. Decrease Max Deflection if you need to emulate a stick deflected slightly
  5. Move sliders to set Initial Speed and Acceleration of a virtual stick. The combo of both parameters will show how fast the stick moves when it is mapped to a digital control (WASD on the keyboard, for example). If those parameters are low, you will need to press and hold the physical button longer in order to get your virtual stick pushed to the edge. On the other hand, you will be able to emulate a slightly deflected stick when you quickly tap the physical control.

Initial Speed and Acceleration parameters are affecting the Stick mapped to digital keys only, no affect on analog controls (physical mouse, sticks, triggers).

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