Basic license

Basic license includes a list of basic features and has a 14-day trial. All the functionality is available for 14 days for free.

With a Basic license you can:

  • Remap controller, keyboard keys and mouse moves
  • Adjust deadzone for keyboard and mouse mappings for sticks and triggers
  • Add mappings to 3 stick and trigger zones
  • Create 4 layouts for one config with Shift mode
  • Use Xbox Elite paddles as independent controls
  • Add mappings to Shortcut of gamepad buttons
  • Assign different actions to Activators (single, double, triple presses, etc)
  • Assign *.exe files to enable Autodetect
  • Add Descriptions for all the mappings
  • Add and adjust haptic feedback you digital buttons with Rumble

Advanced features

Advanced features are divided into four groups. Each of them has a 3-day trial that can be completed during the 14-day Basic license trial, or anytime after you purchase the Basic license. You can purchase each feature individually, or buy the Full Pack together with the basic license.

Advanced mapping — this feature permits hardware controller tuning: get the access to Gamepad mapping section, mute the native controller input with the help of Unmaps, Advanced stick settings, Zones for Triggers. Also, it is required to add mappings to Mouse directions.

Note that a part of Advanced mapping feature is available for Xbox Elite, One, One S and Elite Series 2 with the basic license only. However, you will still need this feature to unmap stick directions, set custom stick response or assign mouse directions to virtual sticks no matter which controller you use.

Combo — this feature allows to create combos with both keyboard and controller button presses, we strongly recommend to get acquainted with the Combo Editor.

4 Slots — this feature permits to assign 4 different configs to one controller and switch between them by using a customizable shortcut

Rapid Fire — this feature allows to apply Toggle and Turbo to any mapping.

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