Miscellaneous features

Emergency remap OFF

reWASD permits to turn off remap completely with a single shortcut: press Ctrl+Alt+Del on the physical keyboard. All the macros will be terminated too.

Stop all the macros

You can stop all the macros from reproducing if you press View/Back/Share/Minus + Menu/Start/Options/Plus + LB/L1/L + RB/R1/R on your controller.

Hook feature

reWASD can hook the buttons when you press them on a physical keyboard: instead of scrolling the whole list and looking for a certain key, you can just press it on the keyboard. The same thing is optional for controller buttons, you can turn the Hook controller buttons on in Preferences, thus, you can pick a certain controller button by pressing it on the physical controller.

Importing configs from reWASD Community

If you have found the config you want to try, you can import it to reWASD. Just press IMPORT CONFIG, wait till it downloads, then execute the config file. reWASD opens, and you can create the new profile or save the config to an existing one, rename the config, pick the boxart. Once you’re done, press Import. Now you can examine the mappings, and press Apply to make it active.

Locate the gamepad

If your controller is plugged in, you can locate where it is right now. To do that, press the controller icon in the bottom left corner, and you will hear a slight buzz from your gamepad.

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