How to work with unmapped mouse

Since reWASD 5.2.0, you can use your mouse as a stick on a virtual controller. Many games detect mouse as is and that is why it is important to unmap it to cancel the native behavior. However, you may get troubles navigating your PC when the mouse is completely off. Here are a few options you may use.

1. Use Shift mode

Shift is an additional layer in your config that is activated while Shift modifier is pressed and held or by a single tap (Toggled Shift). To make your mouse active in Shift, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to any Shift you do not use
  2. Choose Do not inherit for important mouse buttons
  3. Do not add any mappings to Mouse directions or remove the ones you have
  4. Choose a control that will work as Shift modifier. If you grouped your mouse with keyboard, it is a good idea to set it on the keyboard
  5. Check Toggle option for a Shift modifier if you want your mouse to be active after the first tap on this buttons. Otherwise, you will need to press and hold a modifier to enter Shift layer
  6. Press Apply and try how Shift works

2. Use Slots

Slots allow you to apply up to 4 configs simultaneously and switch between them using the customizable hotkey. You can also swtich to an empty Slot that returns your device to the normal state:

  1. Click Preferences — an icon at the bottom right corner of the main window
  2. Switch to Slots tab
  3. Choose a mouse or a group with an unmapped mouse in Use hotkeys to switch slots for list
  4. Set custom two-button or three-button hotkey
  5. Press Apply
  6. Get back your config and apply it to the the chosen Slot
  7. After the config is applied, this slot will be activated. Now press your hotkey to switch to the empty slot — your mouse is back.
  8. Enter the game
  9. Press another hotkey to activate the slot with unmapped mouse

3. Use Autodetect

With Autodetect, reWASD applies configs automatically when you switch to the associated app. Using it, you can choose the specific game in which the mouse is remapped and unmapped, while in all other ones, the mouse will work as usual:

  1. Click Preferences — an icon at the bottom right corner of the main window
  2. Switch to Tray agent tab
  3. Check Remove applied config from slot on exit from the associated app option
  4. Go back to your config
  5. Check Autodetect associated apps option under the chosen game in the upper right corner of the main window
  6. Add .exe file you want to associate a config with
  7. Press Save
  8. Press Radar icon under the config in the upper left corner of the main window

4. Emergency stop

In case you need to get your mouse back immeditaly, switch remap off using Ctrl+Alt+Delete hotkey. It should be pressed on your physical keyboard. This hotkey removes all applied configs from all connected devices.

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