This tab will help you define what confirmation windows you will receive.

All of the confirmations are turned on by default, but you can disable them right when one of them shows up. Each one has a checkbox Got it. Don’t show this message again, so if you don’t want to be warned about some things in reWASD — just check that and press OK. You always have an option to turn the confirmations back on in Preferences. These confirmation settings work for all devices and configurations.

Starting with reWASD 5.7, we have added groups of confirmations in the Preferences menu:

  • Remove a game or config
  • Reset to default settings
  • Try to apply locked functionality with available trial
  • Try to apply locked functionality with no trial available
  • Clear combo
  • Duplicate or dismiss mappings
  • Work with Key Combo Editor
  • Zero delay between keys
  • Automatically correct relative stick deflections to native position
  • Apply config with assumed cheat mappings
  • Recommend unmapping the keyboard key or mouse button with assigned mapping
  • Remind about keyboard & mouse config applied to a single device
  • Remind about unmapped mouse
  • Ask whether to fix a config with unmapped mouse
  • Inform about the detection mode
  • Inform about unnecessary physical gamepads if the virtual one is created
  • Inform about the exclusive mode for Steam controller
  • Inform about the exclusive mode for Azeron
  • Remind about possible lags with external controller
  • Remind about limitations related to Xbox Extended Feature Support in Steam
  • Recommend unmapping the NVIDIA SHIELD touchpad with assigned mapping

Don’t forget to press Apply to save the changes. Press Back to return to the main interface.

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