Group of devices

A group of devices permits you to assemble 2, 3 or 4 devices into one group. The classic alliance is keyboard, mouse, and controller, but you can combine any devices you wish. You can create shift modifiers that will work for all the devices that participate in one group.

Let’s say, you set a controller button to be a shift modifier, and when the shift layout is active — mappings for keyboard and mouse can change to another set too.

Also, it is important to group the devices you want to remap them to the virtual controller. For example, if you need two controller to act like a single one, group them. If you want to emulate a controller with a keyboard and mouse, you will also need to group both devices.

To create a group of devices, you need to do the following:

  1. Pick the first device that you want to be in the group and press Group icon next to the device’s name

  2. The following window opens. Now you need to pick the other participants of a group, and press Save

  3. Now the group is created, and you can see all the devices that are in it

Each group has a contextual menu:

  • Rename option permits changing the name of a group
  • Edit group option permits you to change the list of devices in the chosen group
  • Do not show in reWASD option will hide the group and add all the devices that were in it to the Blacklist. To use the devices again, go to PreferencesBlacklist, and remove the desired devices from it.

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