Advanced Stick settings

Advanced Stick settings are fully adjustable with Advanced Mapping feature, some important settings are available with the Basic license. Xbox Elite controllers are an exception, and some of the Advanced Mapping functionality is available for this particular controller.

Starting with reWASD 5.3, we have added an option to see the value on the Zone sliders. To see the value, please put the cursor on the slider. This will help to tune the settings even more precisely.

Starting with reWASD 5.5, we have implemented the Precise adjustment for all the sliders in reWASD. To activate the field, please click the wrench icon near the slider you wish to customize, then enter the desired value, and click it again to close the field.

Since reWASD 5.6, you can make your stick 8-directional and digital in Advanced stick settings.

Here is a list of Advanced Stick settings:

Unmap — turns off the native stick behavior completely. This feature is available if the Advanced Mapping feature is purchased, or if the trial period is active. Useful for the case when you want to assign keyboard keys or mouse moves to the stick, and need to mute the controller input. Once you activate this, Stick Response, X and Y Invert and Hardware Deadzone become inactive.

Rotation — permits to set the angle for your stick. The possible range to rotate the stick is -45°..45°, so if you wish to rotate the stick more, consider inverting the axes or swapping mappings.

Vertical and Horizontal axis range — permits tuning the range where directional mappings reproduce exclusively, or together. This feature is available if the Basic license is purchased, or if the 14-day trial is active. The further to the right those sliders are, the less transitional movements will reproduce.

As an example, let’s say you have set WASD to the stick, and maximize both Horizontal and Vertical axis range. You can see that the W+A, A+S, S+D and W+D movement range is tiny, that means that while you move the stick, W, A, S and D will mostly reproduce exclusively. So a character in the game will run straight forward, left, etc. On the contrary, if you minimize both Horizontal and Vertical axis range, the stick will more likely reproduce as W+A, A+S, S+D, and W+D then W, A, S and D separately.

Use 8 digital directions — converts the stick to the digital mode, and permits you to assign mappings to 8 directions. You can assign the mapping for up, down, left and right directions from the Main mappings menu, and set the remaining diagonal mappings in Advanced stick settings menu.

To set the mappings to diagonal directions, choose the needed Direction from the drop-down list, then add a mapping To it. You can assign key combos to diagonal moves as well.

Please note, that Vertical and Horizontal axis range has impact on a digitalized stick.

Stick Response — changes the way the stick behaves. reWASD proposes 6 profiles (Default, Delay, Aggressive, Instant, Smooth, and Custom) that differ with the stick response curve. All profiles, except Custom, are available for Xbox Elite controller by default. All 6 profiles, including Custom, are available for the Advanced mapping feature owners. Default Stick Response profile is the only one available for Basic license.

Note, that Custom profile gives an opportunity to modify the curve with four dots you can move. There’s a graph with the that demonstrates the details of existing profiles so you could see what profile is the best to choose. Remember, that Y-axis of this graph is Cursor speed, and X-axis is the line of Stick deflection: from the resting state to the maximum.

Invert Y and X axis — inverts the axis of a chosen stick. Available with Advanced Mapping feature, and for Xbox Elite controllers.

Swap Sticks — replaces left stick with a right stick, and vice versa. Available with Advanced Mapping feature, and for Xbox Elite controllers. Works both for keyboard and mouse mappings, and for controller ones.

Default settings — turns your stick back to default settings. Available with Basic license, or with a 14-day trial.

Stick Zones — changes the Deadzone, Low, Medium and High zones, and permits adding mappings to them. Learn more about Stick zones.

After you are done, click Back on the top of the left list of settings to return to the main view. Click Default settings to reset the stick to the default state.

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