DualSense Adaptive Triggers

Please note, that in order for DualSense Adaptive triggers to work console-like, the PC game should support DualSense controllers. Since this is not the case in our current situation, we offer you several presets you can use with your DualSense controller to improve your gaming.

To change Adaptive Settings, choose the desired Trigger, open Adaptive Settings menu, and pic the needed preset. We have the following Adaptive presets in reWASD:

  • Full Press — imitates the additional button that comes after the trigger, just like the GameCube controller has. In order to press the trigger fully, you will need an effort at the end.
  • Soft Press — adds the resistance closer to the end, when the trigger passes the default High zone.
  • Medium Press — adds the resistance in the middle, when the trigger passes the default Medium zone.
  • Hard Press — adds the resistance almost from the beginning, when the trigger passes the default Low zone.
  • Pulse — adds the tension at the beginning, just after the deadzone, and won’t let you press the trigger accidentally.
  • Choppy — adds two types of resistance, at the beginning and closer to the max point.
  • Soft Rigidity — makes a trigger just a bit harder to press. This effect works for the whole trigger.
  • Medium Rigidity — makes a trigger harder to press. This effect works for the whole trigger.
  • Max Rigidity— makes a trigger much harder to press. This effect works for the whole trigger.
  • Half Press — adds additional tension from the middle, in the center of the default Medium zone.
  • Rifle — emulates the recoil of the trigger using the vibration motors. Also, it imitates the sound of the automatic gun. Frequency option below lets you change the frequency of the vibration in the small range that sounds like shots.
  • Vibration — adds a little tension at the beginning and allows you to set the vibration of the trigger. Frequency and Strength options allow you to adjust the vibration.

Above mentioned Zones do not influence on the effects and are used here to describe the starting and ending positions of the trigger resistance only.

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