ESP32-S2 USB adapter

ESP32-S2 USB adapter

What is ESP32-S2?

Starting from version 6.7, reWASD extends its compatibility to include ESP32-S2 USB adapters. You can utilize the ESP32-S2 USB adapter to replicate an external virtual controller. By combining reWASD with the ESP32-S2 USB adapter, you gain access to the complete suite of reWASD features on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One/S/X consoles. While it's feasible to employ the ESP32-S2 USB adapter for the Nintendo Switch console with a Switch Pro controller, please note that Virtual amiibos won't be functional in this configuration.

The ESP32-S2 USB adapter offers an alternative wired solution for emulating an external controller. Notably, this option stands out for its rapid response time and minimal latency when compared to alternative methods. Once reWASD completes the firmware installation, the process involves connecting to the target device and the UART USB side to your PC, where reWASD is installed. Subsequently, you can proceed to connect the desired device that you intend to remap and use with your laptop/PC, initiating the remapping process.

We can suggest the next types of ESP32-S2, but basically, reWASD can work with other types of ESP32-S2:

nanoESP32-S2 Maia ESP32-S2
CPU Xtensa single-core 32-bit LX7 Xtensa Core LX7 up to 240MHz
Socket dual-USB, TypeC 2 x USB ports (1 x MicroUSB + 1 x USB-C)
Interface RGB LED 1 RGB led + 1 charging led
Developer MuseLab Stetel Things
Official site link link
Native drivers СH340 (usually installed by Windows) Link Silicon Labs

How to start?

Prior to commencing the setup process for the ESP32-S2 USB adapter, it's advisable to ensure you have the following prerequisites in place within reWASD:

  • Ensure that you have a PC or laptop equipped with reWASD and the ESP32-S2 USB adapter;

  • Group a range of devices that you intend to control using your external virtual controller. Utilize the Detection mode to accurately identify and initialize all the devices;

  • Confirm the existence of a configuration suitable for your Virtual controller. If you lack a pre-made configuration, you can access one from the reWASD Community, or experiment with configurations designed for platforms like PS4 Remote Play or Switch console, which are accessible within reWASD post-installation;

  • Before using the ESP32-S2 USB adapter with reWASD, it's imperative to have the requisite drivers installed for the adapter. Make sure to install the appropriate drivers for the ESP32-S2 USB adapter;

  • For wired connections involving the ESP32-S2, utilize USB 3.1 or lower. If opting for USB 3.2, consider using a USB hub to avoid potential connection issues;

With all preparations complete, activate the External device option within the Virtual controller settings. Then, click on the icon situated in the lower-left corner (near 'Remap is OFF / Nothing is applied') to initiate the setup wizard.


Add new adapter

Choose the type of adapter you want to add, ESP32-S2 USB adapter, in this case. Change its alias if needed, and click 'Next'.

Waiting for adapter to connect

Now plug in or replug your ESP32-S2 adapter to your PC, so we could detect a new port. Once we detect it, the Next button is enabled, and you can proceed to the further step. After the adapter was plugged in, the board initialization process starts automatically.

Checking the firmware

We check the device for the presence of firmware and freshening of updates, as well as the presence of esptool.exe - a utility that helps to read and flash the firmware to the ESP32-S2 board.

Please, don't unplug the device while the initialisation process and till the end of setup.

Esptool is required

To continue you should have an esptool.exe. We suggest downloading it during Wizard. Press Next to start the automatic downloading of esptool.exe.

Please don't unplug the device or interrupt your internet connection. Once completed, you will be redirected to the next step.

This step will be shown only if esptool.exe wasn't downloaded before and wasn't detected in the next folder: C:\programdata\Disc-Soft\reWASD\esptool

New device requires the firmware to install

To install the firmware press NEXT to run the process.

Please note that If the adapter has some firmware, it will be overwritten.

You are done with all setup

Your ESP32-S2 adapter was successfully added. Press NEXT and choose the target device you want to use the virtual gamepad with.

Choose an adapter for the External virtual controller

Now you need to connect your ESP32-S2 USB adapter to your target device. Choose the target you want to use (Xbox One, X|S, PlayStation 4, or another device with USB) and follow the steps.

Note that for using the ESP32-S2 USB adapter with reWASD and Xbox One, series X|S, or PlayStation 4, you will need an authorized controller to be permanently connected to your PC.

To use a Nintendo Switch as a target device, select the 'Other device with USB' option. For a proper connection, it's necessary to use the Nintendo dock station.


I faced an issue "Adapter wasn't detected"

No need for concern; there are a few common issues that can be resolved with ease.

Begin by attempting to reinsert the ESP32-S2 USB adapter. Be mindful not to use a USB 3.2 connector. Should you be using one, attempt to reconnect the ESP32-S2 USB adapter using a USB 3.1 or earlier port, or consider utilizing a USB hub to link your ESP32-S2 adapter.

I'm stuck on step "Adapter wasn't detected", replug didn't help and I'm sure that I use the proper USB ports.

It appears that there might be a shortage of native drivers. Generally, you won't need to manually install them for the ESP32-S2, as Windows tends to handle this process automatically. Nevertheless, to ensure optimal functionality, we recommend confirming that the required drivers are present or installing it (you can try CP210x Universal Windows Driver or CP210x Windows Drivers as long as different boards could ask for different drivers)

After the driver installation, you can proceed by either reconnecting your adapter or initiating the setup Wizard once more for a seamless operational experience.

ESPTOOL download failed

Check your internet connection and press TRY AGAIN to start a new downloading.

ESPTOOL download failed, but I'm sure that my internet connection is stable

You can download esptool.exe manually, then start the Wizard from scratch.

Follow the steps:

  1. Follow the link and find here the latest version of Esptool

  2. Download Esptool and unpack it

  3. Get esptool.exe and put it here: C:\programdata\Disc-Soft\reWASD\esptool

  4. Get back to reWASD and add your adapter with reWASD Wizard from scratch.

The firmware update failed

Please ensure that your ESP32-S2 USB adapter is correctly plugged in and attempt to reinsert it. Additionally, confirm that you are not using a USB 3.2 connector. If you are indeed using a USB 3.2 connector, consider disconnecting and then reconnecting the ESP32-S2 USB adapter using a USB 3.1 or lower port. Alternatively, you can use a USB hub to establish a connection with your ESP32-S2 adapter.

The firmware update failed, but native drivers are installed and everything is plugged in properly

It's quite a rare error, but we identify it. Just follow the instruction from Wizard. Before flashing new firmware on your ESP32 adapter hold BOOT, then press EN (RESET) briefly to enter the bootloader, then release BOOT. Then press "Try again".