Starting from version 6.6, reWASD enhances user engagement by bringing the community closer. The new feature eliminates the need to visit the website separately to find a suitable configs. By simply clicking on the "Check community configs", users can seamlessly access the search page within the reWASD software itself.

Note: in order to explore the community configs through reWASD, an internet connection is required.

The search page presents a grid featuring the most popular games, facilitating quick and convenient navigation within the community. Users can enter the name of their desired game in the search field and take advantage of autocomplete suggestions to streamline their search for the desired suitable configuration. The displayed configurations are organized based on the selected gamepad and their popularity. Currently, reWASD presents up to 20 configurations for each game.

To further explore and access additional configurations, users can click on the "Open community" button. This action seamlessly redirects them to the dedicated section for the selected game on the website. This grants users access to a wider range of configurations contributed by the community, expanding their customization options and enhancing their overall gaming experience.

Config listing

The configuration listing provides users with detailed information about each configuration. Here is a description of the available details and options:

  1. Name: Each configuration is displayed with its name, allowing users to easily identify and differentiate between different configurations.
  2. Creation Date: The listing includes the creation date of each configuration, providing users with an idea of when it was originally shared or created.
  3. Author Name: The name of the configuration's author is displayed, giving credit to the individual who contributed the configuration.
  4. Config Rate: It helps to find configurations that have received positive reviews and are highly regarded by other users, enhancing the overall user experience and satisfaction with reWASD.
  5. Compatible Gamepads: A list of gamepads that are most suitable for the configuration is provided, enabling users to identify which gamepads work best with that particular configuration.
  6. Preview Button: Users have the option to preview the configuration by clicking on the "Preview" button. This allows them to get a glimpse of the configuration's settings and layout before deciding to use it.
  7. Use Config Button: The "Use config" button allows users to directly apply the selected configuration to their gamepad, making it quick and convenient to implement the desired settings.


Clicking on the "Preview" button allows to explore a visual representation of the configuration and access additional information. Here's what users can expect to find during the preview:

  1. Config Visualization: The preview offers a visual representation of the configuration, allowing users to see how the buttons and controls are mapped for their gamepad.
  2. "May Work With" Compatibility: Users can view a section labeled "May work with," which provides information about other gamepads that the configuration may be compatible with.
  3. Number of Downloads: Users can see the number of times the configuration has been downloaded by the community. This metric gives an indication of the popularity and reliability of the configuration.
  4. Description (optional): The preview includes a description that provides insights into the configuration, its purpose, and any additional details that the author has provided. This helps users understand the intended use and benefits of the configuration.

How to use

To use a configuration, simply click on the "Use config" button. This action provides two options:

  1. Add to Profile: By selecting this option, the chosen configuration will be added to your existing profile. This is useful if you already have a profile set up and want to incorporate the selected configuration into it.
  2. Create New Profile: If you prefer to create a new profile specifically for the chosen configuration, selecting this option will create a fresh profile and automatically apply the configuration to it. This is ideal if you want to keep the configuration separate from your existing profiles or create a dedicated profile for a specific game or purpose.