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Here’s a list of most common use cases that may occur while using reWASD. A question is in the title, and the answer is below. The numbers are not connected to the topics, and they don’t have any relations to the content of use cases. The answer contains general recommendations, and if they did not help - you need to contact support via one of the channels mentioned at the end of the page.

If you’re on this page because of your curiosity, you can perform the search on page via your browser (F3 or Ctrl+F) to ease the process!

1. I want to activate my license on another PC / I’ve reinstalled Windows, and I want to activate my license

You need to Revoke the license first. Then you can re-use the serial number on another PC.

2. Autoremap doesn’t work, even though Tray Agent and Autoremap are enabled in reWASD

Please open Startup options. For Windows 10 you need to open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), and choose Startup. For Windows 7, press Win+r, enter msconfig _and press Enter, then open Startup_ tab. See if reWASD status is Enabled, and change it if it’s disabled.

3. I can’t add Steam games to Autodetect if I choose the Shortcuts from Desktop

Find the *.exe file for a certain game. The default path for Steam games is C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\%Game%. To copy the precise path, right-click the shortcut on Desktop, and choose Open file location. Click on the Address bar and copy the path, then paste it in Autodetect window and proceed to the needed folder.

4. The game has multiple *.exe files, which one do I add to Autodetect?

You can assign multiple *.exe files to one config. If you want to choose the exact file, open Task Manager (press Ctrl+Shift+Esc), launch the game, find the process that corresponds to a game you opened. Right-click it and pick Open file location, the needed *.exe file will be chosen.

5. I have assigned a shortcut, but the keys that activate the shortcut reproduce as well

Let’s say you have made a shortcut of A and B controller buttons, and assigned the Right Stick click to it. When you press both A and B, A or B (or both) reproduces together with Right Stick click. To make it work normally, unmap the buttons that participate in a shortcut (A and B, in this case) and add reWASD mapping to the buttons that participate in a shortcut that correspond to the buttons (A to A, B to B).

6. One of my controller buttons is broken, how do I assign the broken key to controller (and save all other mappings)?

You can add a Shortcut that will reproduce as the key that is missing. Find the needed mapping in the reWASD mapping drop-down list.

7. I want to make a 8-way D-pad

You can add the basic mappings to D-pad, then open Shortcuts menu, and create 4 Shortcuts for D-pad: up and right, right and down, down and left, left and up. And assign needed mappings to them. They will reproduce when the diagonal movements are performed.

8. I have WASD mapped to my stick and want to be able to run with it in game

Check what keyboard key is responsible for running in game, and add it to Stick High zone. Adjust the zone if needed.

9. I want the trigger to reach the maximum when I press is slightly

Open Trigger Zones menu, and move the right marker to the left. This will enlarge the right deadzone of a trigger.

10. I want to have different stick responses for different game modes

This is usually used for running and aiming. You can set the button that is used for aiming as a Shift modifier, then open Shift 1, choose the stick for which you want to change the stick response and change it in Advanced settings. Thus, when you’re aiming, the stick response will be different.

11. I want to have different mouse sensitivity for different game modes

This is usually used for running and aiming. Set the global mouse sensitivity in Virtual device settings. Then set the button that is used for aiming as a Shift modifier, then open Shift 1, choose the stick you use for mouse movements, map mouse to it, then unclick Use global mouse sensitivity and change the level of sensitivity. Thus, when you’re aiming, the sensitivity will be different.

12. I bought the license and now I want to activate it

To do that, close reWASD, go to C:\ProgramData\Disc-Soft\reWASD, and delete license.dat file. Re-open reWASD, and enter your serial number.

13. When I move the stick Esc (or another key) keeps reproducing

Usually this happens if you were in Stick advanced settings, and pressed Esc to go back to main (or another buttons may be pressed by accident). Since reWASD hooks the keyboard presses, Esc (or another key) may have hooked and mapped to Stick High Zone. To delete the mapping, open the Stick advanced settings, and remove the mappings you don’t need.

14. I want to Toggle a Turbo mapping

Create the keycombo that consists of a mapping and a pause (like as if you would create a Turbo mapping). Then go to main mappings and pick Turbo.

15. I want to prioritize vertical or horizontal axis on my D-pad

To prioritize the vertical axis (lessen the diagonal movements) open Shortcuts menu. Then add four shortcuts: D-pad up + D-pad right = D-pad up; D-pad up + D-pad left = D-pad up; D-pad down + D-pad right = D-pad down; D-pad down + D-pad left = D-pad down. Then go to Main mappings, unmap D-pad, and reassign each of the 4 directions responsively. If you use keyboard mappings on D-pad, you need to do the same thing, except the mapping of shortcuts must correspond the mapping of D-pad in main. Let's say you've mapped arrows in main to D-pad. Then, you need to add the following shortcuts to prioritize vertical: D-pad up + D-pad right = Up; D-pad up + D-pad left = Up; D-pad down + D-pad right = Down; D-pad down + D-pad left = Down. Also, the unmap is not necessary for keyboard mappings, unless the game requires it.

16. I want to bind the application launch to the key press

First of all, find the needed *.exe file. You can launch the application, open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), find the needed process in Process tab, open its contextual menu and press Open file location. Note, that this option may be disabled for some system programs. Then, pick the *.exe file, open its contextual menu, pick Create shortcut. Open Shortcut properties, and assign the shortcut that will launch this app. Then, assign the same shortcut in reWASD to any kind of mapping.

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