The latest reWASD version is 6.0.1. It allows you to:

  • Check fully reworked GUI architecture with the familiar design but massive optimization
  • Edit mappings in Android app; view and apply configs in iOS app
  • Remap SNES via USB, Razer Raiju Mobile, Thrustmaster Dual Analog 4 and generic mode of Ipega 9023S
  • Remap Xbox One S, Series X and Elite Series 2 updated to 5.11+ firmware (without paddles on BT connection)
  • Send data of the Virtual DS4 controller to emulators via UDP protocol
  • Check Overlay in full-screen DirectX 11 games
  • View the battery percentage for DS4, DualSense, Xbox connected via BT LE and MOGA controllers
  • Assign mappings to the Activators of Shortcuts
  • Set the default Gyro initial state in Preferences and use separated commands to turn it on & off
  • Close reWASD background agent completely when you do not plan to use it
  • Check German and Italian localization of the GUI
  • Try our simplified logging procedure if you need to send a detailed report to the support team
  • Adjust colored Xbox Elite Series 2 LED
  • Change the mode and brightness of Xbox Series X and One S LED (5.11+ firmware only)
  • Update to the newest version with several stability fixes

Check out the full list of release notes and fixes on reWASD official website.

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