The latest reWASD version is 5.7.1. It allows you to:

  • Choose on behalf of which keyboard and mouse the mappings should be emulated
  • Minimize notifications, show a Table of Descriptions and check new Overlay settings
  • Switch Slots using a single button or key
  • Adjust Smoothing for the mouse mapped to gyro & Steam trackpads
  • Copy, Paste and Clear the whole Shift or Main layer
  • Remap PowerA Fusion for Switch as Nintendo
  • Remap FragFX Shark and Piranha as DualShock 4
  • Enable the Battery tray agent icon without the main one
  • Choose Lefty or Righty layout for Azeron
  • Open the config storage from its context menu

Check out the full list of release notes and fixes on reWASD official website.

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