Advanced Mouse settings

Advanced mouse settings tune how the mappings emulated for physically moved mouse work. When there is nothing mapped to mouse directions, Advanced settings are disabled.

To tune mappings on mouse moves, switch to mouse sub-config, choose directions on mouse image and click Advanced. You will be redirected to the page with the following options:

Response curve describes the intensity of mappings depending on how fast you move your mouse (for Spring mode) or how far it is from the center (in non-spring mode). For example, if you want map a virtual stick to the physical mouse and want to make slow moves but still get some virtual input, it is better to lift the first point on the curve.

Invert Y axis and Invert X axis swaps the mappings added to up/down and left/right directions.

In Spring mode, mappings will stop when there is no movements. When Spring mode is off, you will need to move mouse to the Deadzone to stop mappings.

Smoothing is available for Spring mode only. Increase this option to make mouse movements smoother but a bit less responsive.

Noise Filter is available for Spring mode only. It sets the quantity of null answers we should get from your mouse in order to stop it. Increase this option if your mouse stops accidentally while is moved slowly. Decrease it if you feel that mouse is not responsive.

Sensitivity shows the correspondence between display's dots your mouse travelled and the intensity of mappings you will get. You can adjust X and Y Sensitivity separately. It is a good idea for games where you need to movefrom one side to another quickly but do not need to look at top or bottom pretty often.

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