Stick Squareness Settings

Stick squareness settings

Square sticks allow users to customize the shape of virtual stick, creating the immersive "barrel" effect. To harness this functionality, check the box labeled "Make the stick square ("barrel" effect)." By opting for square sticks, you gain the ability to achieve 100% input accuracy on diagonal movements.

Note that the impact of the square stick option may vary across different games. The benefits of square sticks are most noticeable in specific genres such as racing games, flight simulators, or certain RPGs like Elder Ring.

The squared sticks mode affects all stick settings, includes physical sticks behavior mapped with virtual sticks.

Virtual controller settings Square Sticks

Upon activating the "Make the stick square" checkbox, you'll gain access to a graph that enables you to fine-tune the squareness parameters of the stick. Additionally, several predefined options are available:

  1. "Soft square": this option applies a subtle rounding effect to the stick's corners, resulting in a smoother square experience.

  2. "Totally square": perfectly square stick, devoid of any rounded edges.

  3. "Half square": includes combining zones of a square and a circle.

  4. "Custom": Take control of your stick's shape by selecting this option, granting you the ability to independently configure the squareness to meet your specific requirements. The graph becomes editable, empowering you to manipulate the position of points within the graph.

The graph represents distinct zones, with each point corresponding to a specific area on the stick. Vertical movement of points determines the degree of corner rounding, while horizontal movement governs the radius of each zone's influence.

Note that if all points on the graph are placed at the lowest position (value - 0), a circular shape will form, and the graph settings will not be saved.