Sharing configs to reWASD Community

reWASD has a Community website where lots of custom configurations are stored. You can upload your configs, or find some layouts uploaded by other users. It’s a very convenient place where you can backup your configurations.

If you only need to download a config to use on your PC, registration is not required. To share a config to the Community, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Open reWASD, find and open the config you want to share
  2. Press the Share button on the upper left corner, near the name of a config. Or, you can open the contextual menu of the chosen config, and pick Share
  3. Enter the Description of a config. This information will be shown as a title of config in reWASD Community, so it would be convenient if you specify the name of a game. You can edit this title whenever you want once you log in the Community. Press Share to proceed to the next step, or Cancel to go back to Main
  4. Now you’re redirected to the registration page. You can whether sign up with Facebook, or create a new account by entering a nickname, an email, and a password. Once you’ve entered all the needed information, press Sign up
  5. You’ll see a config page right away. Now you can manage the uploaded config: edit the title and description, or delete it.

Note, that reWASD Community doesn’t replace the previously uploaded configs. If you want a newer version to replace the previously uploaded config, you can upload the new config first, and then delete the old one manually. Or vice versa.

You can find all the uploaded configs by clicking on your nickname indicated on the top right corner. If you do that, the following window opens, and you can do the following:

  • Edit avatar
  • Edit nickname
  • Edit email address
  • See the whole list of configs you have ever uploaded, and download them from the same page

To manage a certain config, pick the one you want to modify.

All the shared configs are always going through the process of moderation. Our team reserves the right to remove the configs that are duplicates, have illegible mappings, or have an inappropriate description.

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