Stick and Trigger zones

reWASD differentiates four zones for analog controls: Deadzone, Low, Medium and High zones. Part of the functionality is available with Basic license or with a 14-day trial, and the other part is available with Advanced Mapping feature.

Starting with reWASD 5.3, we have added an option to see the value on the Zone sliders. To see the value, please put the cursor on the slider. This will help to tune the settings even more precisely.

Deadzone — grey-colored zone — is a zone of analog control, where nothing happens. This can be helpful, if your analog controls are too tight (lessen the deadzone to make the control more responsive) or if the control is too sensitive (make the deadzone bigger to avoid the accidental actions).

Affect gamepad hardware permits to apply the chosen deadzone for the stick that doesn't have any mappings. If this option is unactive, the deadzone will affect any virtual mapping that is added to the analog control.

Note, that deadzone can help disable the stick moving on its own. Check out the video tutorials about stick drift elimination for DualShock 4, Xbox Elite, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Low (green-colored), Medium (yellow-colored), High (red-colored) zones are just conditional zones, where you can assign mappings.

Note, that since reWASD 5.2.2 you can assign Rumble, Combo, Turbo and Toggle to the zones of sticks and triggers. Toggle mappings can only be assigned to High zones.

Stick Zones settings

Zone Shape — choose the shape for Stick zones, it can be Radial or Elliptic. You can tune all three zones with the sliders of corresponding colors below.

Note, that Elliptic Deadzone is not available for hardware mappings.

After you’re done with the zones, you can set the mappings for Low, Medium and High zones. They will be shown on the image with Stick zones.

Trigger Zones settings

Trigger Zones settings permit to change Low, Medium and High zones range, and set mappings to ones.

After you are done, click Back on the top of the left list of settings to return to the main view.

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