This tab helps you manage Server settings for further work with reWASD Junior and UDP server.


Starting with reWASD 5.8 you can control the state of remap and other options using a mobile app named reWASD Junior. In order to do so, you need to connect it to your PC with reWASD installed via the local network. Here are some settings that you can change:

Enable sharing via local network to make you PC detectable by your mobile device.

Choose the needed Network interface you want to work with further. If you have several network interfaces and are not sure which one you need, choose ANY option — and reWASD will check all interfaces for you.

Change the Port if needed, the default Port setting is 35474.

Manage the PC Name, this is how your PC will show up on the mobile device.

Starting with reWASD 6.0, we added a possibility to send data of the Virtual DS4 controller to emulators via UDP protocol. To enable UDP protocol, open Virtual controller settings and activate the Use for UDP server option.

UDP server for emulators setting enables or disables the said function.

Change the Port if needed, the default Port setting is 26760.

Don’t forget to press Apply to save the changes. Press Back to return to the main interface.