reWASD Junior

reWASD Junior Companion app

reWASD Junior is a Companion app that will help you manage what reWASD does on your PC without opening the interface.

reWASD Junior Companion app

Since reWASD 6.0, you can edit mappings via reWASD Junior Android app (in addition to previously added functionality, which includes browsing configs; seeing the list of connected devices; applying configs; managing the state of remap).

Starting with reWASD 6.0, we have released reWASD Junior for iOS. Here's what you can do with the help of iOS beta version:

  • Browse the configs that are currently on your PC
  • See the list of connected devices
  • Apply configs to the devices that are currently connected to PC
  • Turn Remap on \ off through the application

Since reWASD 6.3, we introduce Mobile Controller feature — use Android device as gamepad with the help of reWASD Junior, and apply numerous reWASD features to customize the layout exactly the way you want.

To use reWASD Junior you need to:

  1. Install it to your Android or iOS public beta device (and have installed reWASD on your PC)
  2. Make sure your PC and mobile device are connected to the same local network
  3. Follow the instructions in the app to connect to PC with reWASD installed
  4. Done!

Check out what setting you can change on your PC in Preferences — Servers.