Tray agent tab

Use Tray Agent — this option permits you to enable reWASD Tray Agent

Enable autoremap on startup — this permits you to get back to the remap state (that was active before you turn off or reboot your PC) once the PC is back on. Enabled Tray Agent is required for this option

Remove applied config on exit from the associated app — this option permits wiping off the config from slot once the associated app is out of focus

Since reWASD 5.1, you can adjust the battery status icon for any gamepad. Each controller you plug in will stay in the device list. To delete the device pick the needed device, and click Remove device from list. Battery icon will be back to default, and you can change it before you connect the device once again.

Note, that you can’t remove the device from the list if it is plugged in right now.

Once you have chosen the gamepad for which you want to enable or change the battery status icon, you need to check Show icon and mark it with in case if it's not checked, and then pick one of the fancy colors reWASD proposes. Then you need to press Apply to keep the changes, and you will see the battery status icon in the tray if your controller is currently plugged in.

Note, that Power A controller's battery is always marked as full due to particular qualities of the gamepad.

Don’t forget to press Apply to save the changes. Press Close to go back to the main interface.

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