Tray Agent

Tray Agent is an icon in the task bar that helps reWASD without opening a program.

To enable Agent, open Preferences and pick Use Tray Agent in the General tab.

If the remap is ON, the circle on reWASD Tray icon is green. If the remap is OFF, the circle is grey. If the device is unsupported, the circle is red.

Right click on the Agent icon in the taskbar opens its full menu:

  • Turn Remap ON/OFF option helps to manage the remap condition without opening the app. It works for all currently connected devices at once
  • Open reWASD option will launch the main interface. Also, you can use the double-click to perform the same action
  • Visit Community option opens the reWASD Community page
  • Exit option quits the Tray Agent. Tray Agent will launch next time the app opens

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