Bluetooth adapters

Starting with reWASD 5.6, you can emulate an external virtual controller while using a Bluetooth adapter (whether a built-in, or a USB adapter). This way, you can use reWASD's virtual controller on other PCs, phones, tablets, consoles that support Bluetooth connection.

Please note, that you need to connect the gamepad that is supported by the console to PC with reWASD installed, and it should be connected at all times (while Remap is ON). It does not matter if you will use it to play, you can remap it and play with it too, it must be connected to PC.

Right now it's impossible to define if your particular Bluetooth adapter is supported by reWASD and is able to emulate the External controller. That is why we kindly ask you to try first.

Here are some important nuances that you wish you knew before you started setting up your Bluetooth adapter:

  • The more powerful adapter — the better
  • Do not overburden your Bluetooth connection with lots of devices, this way it will be easier to connect the External device elsewhere
  • Try to stay close to the device you connect the External virtual controller to — lessen the latency
  • You can use any controller for authorization, as long as the target console supports it
  • When you use DualShock 4 to authorize on PlayStation 4, we suggest to use wired connection with your PC that has reWASD installed (to prevent Bluetooth Adapter overload)

Before you start working with Bluetooth Adapter Wizard, we recommend you to have several things prepared in reWASD:

  • A group of devices you want to control your External virtual controller. Make sure to use the Detection mode to define and initialize all the devices properly
  • A config that has an appropriate Virtual controller set up. If you don't have a pre-made config, get one from reWASD Community, or try PS4 Remote Play config you have in reWADS after installation
  • A controller that your target console supports, preferably with a wire that you can connect it to PC with

Once it's all ready, enable External device in Virtual controller settings, click on the icon in the lower-left corner (near Remap is OFF / Nothing is applied) to run the Wizard. For demonstrational purposes, here is a video guide from our team:

reWASD and Bluetooth Adapter tutorial

Setup Wizard

Add new adapter

Choose the type of adapter you want to add, Local Bluetooth Adapter, in this case. Change its alias if needed, and click Next.

Local Bluetooth Adapter (USB or built-in)

Now reWASD needs to change the class of your adapter. This won't affect the way Bluetooth works on your PC. Press Next to continue. After this, reboot is required. Choose the relevant option, whether to Reboot now or Reboot later.

Once rebooted, reopen reWASD, and click on the icon in the lower-left corner (near Remap is OFF / Nothing is applied) to run the Wizard.

Choose adapter for the External virtual controller

Choose Local Bluetooth Adapter (USB or built-in) as the Adapter; as for the Target, choose Add new if you don't have any targets yet, or choose the needed target from the list. Press Next once ready.

Add a new target

Choose the type of a target you want to add: PS4 console, or Other device with Bluetooth. Change the alias if needed.

PS4 console is a target: Step 1

Now it's time to connect your physical controller to the console via Bluetooth. Press Next once finished.

PS4 console is a target: Step 2

Connect that same physical controller to your PC via USB wire, and press Next to continue. Remap will turn on right now, the virtual controller will create in the system.

PS4 console is a target: Step 3

Getting back to your console (with the controller that is connected to it wirelessly, and connected to the PC with a wire): open Settings — Devices — Bluetooth devices. Now we need to find the newly created controller in the list of available devices. It may show up as Wireless Controller or DUALSHOCK 4. Make sure to check the status of an External device in reWASD: it is shown in the lower-left corner, near Remap is ON.

This step may take some time depending on factors like Bluetooth connection, so don't panic if you don't see the controller in the list right away. If the gamepad does not appear, or you see the message The passkey might not be correct, or your Bluetooth device might have cancelled the connection — re-enter Bluetooth devices menu on your console and try to connect once again.

Once you see the message Do you want to register this Bluetooth device? on PlayStation 4, you need to press Yes, and them manage the account you will use further. reWASD will display the message Connected to PS4 console in the lower-left corner near Remap is ON.

PS4 console is a target: Step 4

You are ready to play now. You can disconnect your physical gamepad from the console if you wish, but make sure it is connected to your PC. reWASD uses this controller for authorization, so if you disconnect it — the console will lose the connection to the External virtual controller emulated by reWASD.

Other device with Bluetooth is a target: Choose or add a target device manually

Wait until the list of Available devices is refreshed, and choose the needed target from it. You can also enter the MAC address manually, if the necessary device did not show up in the list.

Make sure that the Bluetooth settings on your target device allow other devices to detect it.

Press OK to proceed further.

Choose adapter for the External virtual controller

Make sure that the correct Adapter and Target device are chosen, then click Save. Press Apply to emulate the External virtual controller, and connect to the Target device.

When you see the Waiting for the connection message in reWASD, check your target, you must receive the notification asking about pairing the new device.

If your target is a mobile device, you may also need to search for new devices manually from Bluetooth settings menu, and connect to the External virtual controller.

Once paired, reWASD will display Connected to Target. If you have already paired the previous type of the virtual controller to the target device, you may need to unpair it there to be able to connect the new one. For example, if you have paired a Virtual DS4 to a target, then changed the controller type, and trying to pair it again — unpair the previous connection before pairing a new one.

Hardware issues

I have connected a virtual controller to the Target, then changed the virtual controller type. reWASD states that it's connected, but the controller is not responsive on Target.

If you change the virtual controller type in a config with External devices enabled, and this gamepad was already connected to the Target, you may need to unpair previously connected controller in the Target device to be able to connect the new one.

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